Work Stress Solicitors



If you find yourself victim of a workplace bully, or your boss is making entirely unreasonable demands upon you, the stress, worry and psychological pressure of the situation could result in stress-related mental injury. Perhaps you feel you are being singled out for unjustified disciplinary proceedings or your line manager is ignoring your grievances and not following company procedures and occupational health rules, these types of actions can even lead to the serious condition of PTSD.


IF you suffered a physical injury in the workplace that is the fault of your employers you would be able to claim compensation through Accident Compensation Claim Solicitors, and the same is true of mental injury. In fact, there are specialist personal injury lawyers with expertise in this area of compensation claim, and many will work on a no-win, no-fee basis in order to save you from any additional worry over racking up solicitors’ bills. You can be assured there will be no charge to you if your case is unsuccessful, and in many cases, you will receive your full compensation award since your lawyer can claim their costs from the defendant or their insurers.


So, don’t delay, get the professional help you need to assess your claim, gather evidence and seek damages with the help of Work Stress Solicitors to get proper compensation in order to get the help you need. Along with an award for any pain or suffering, known as ‘general damages’ you will be assessed for special damages eligibility too.